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At Mike Ross Africa Travel we like to keep you updated on our latest news and movements around Africa and the Indian Ocean. Our Blogs below show we've personally covered it all. Check out our videos in the blogs too.

This Month

21st Aug 2014   Victoria Falls | Choices to make

By Mike


Victoria Falls, which can be seen both from Zambia and Zimbabwe, is one of the great natural wonders. Well worth combining with a safari when in southern Africa.


19th Aug 2014   Discover the Lower Zambezi National Park | Safari in Zambia

By Georgina


I am keen to remind you of the magic of safari in the Lower Zambezi National Park, a park less visited than the perhaps more famous South Luangwa National Park.


14th Aug 2014   The Great Wildebeest Migration | Tanzania and Kenya

By Mike


Over one million wildebeest, quarter of a million zebra and about half a million gazelle cruise the East Africa plains seeking out the best grassland. Quite a crowd!


12th Aug 2014   Seychelles | Top Beach Destinations

By Georgina


Seychelles seems to have it all: white sandy beaches, a range of hotels and islands to suit all needs, delicious food and perhaps most importantly, for some, privacy.


7th Aug 2014   Putting the Cat amongst the Pigeons

By Mike


Did you ever wonder where this idiom originated from: “putting the cat amongst the pigeons”? The origin is a little obscure but it seems that the stunning small wild cat, the caracal (seen throughout safari Africa), may be principal player (if you discount the pigeons!).


5th Aug 2014   Safari Africa and the Indian Ocean in the Commonwealth Games | Final Report

By Hermione


I suspect that I am not alone in feeling sad that the Commonwealth Games has ended. For me the highlights of the second week were as follows.


1st Aug 2014   Little Vumbura, Botswana: Property of the Month

By Georgina


This month’s featured property is Little Vumbura: a luxury tented camp on a picturesque island surrounded by floodplains. Excellent water based activities and consistently good wildlife.