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At Mike Ross Africa Travel we like to keep you updated on our latest news and movements around Africa and the Indian Ocean. Our Blogs below show we've personally covered it all. Check out our videos in the blogs too.

This Month

22nd Jul 2014   Last Minute Offer I See the Wildebeest Migration | Kenya

By Georgina


It is crucial to make the most of the right offers available and we can’t help but tell you about this amazing offer in Kenya over the coming high season months.


17th Jul 2014   Books on Africa | The Sound of Thunder | Wilbur Smith

By Mike


I decided recently to read the Wilbur Smith books on Africa again. It has been decades ago since I last did this and having started I cannot put them down.


11th Jul 2014   The Price of Safari in Africa

By Mike


In recent years those seeking to go on safari in Africa have, at times, been taken aback by some of the costs, as have we. There is good value out there but you need to know where it is.


8th Jul 2014   Sleep-Outs Across Africa I Adventurous Holidays

By Georgina


For me nothing beats the feeling of adventure when sleeping in the open. Here I highlight some of my favourite sleep-out experiences that are available in Safari Africa.


3rd Jul 2014   Foreign Exchange Rates and their Impact on Safari Costs I Better Value Safari

By Mike


Safari is expensive but some of that cost is presently being alleviated by favourable foreign exchange rates.


1st Jul 2014   New Star Bed Revealed: Savuti Camp | Sleeping Out in Africa

By Georgina


Savuti Camp is introducing a unique, sleep-out option that opens this month. Adventurous guests have a chance to sleep on outdoor decks overlooking the wildlife-rich Savute Channel.


1st Jul 2014   Fundu Lagoon, Indian Ocean: Property of the Month

By Georgina


This month’s featured property is Fundu Lagoon: a remote and peaceful resort on a beautiful beach on Pemba Island, just off the coast of Tanzania.