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Mike Ross Africa Travel

Mike Ross Africa Travel specialises in individual tailor-made journeys to Southern, Central and East Africa. Our philosophy is to work with you to create that trip which makes a difference, reflects the best possible options, is personalized, and exceptional.

Our specialities include Africa safaris, family holidays, honeymoons, beach retreats, private parties and luxury exclusive travel across Africa and the Indian Ocean. We pride ourselves in our service and attention to detail. We are focused, comprehensive and committed to the creation of the best possible African experience. Our expert advice has helped many achieve that unforgettable adventure.

Mike Ross Africa Travel

Why Travel with Us?

At Mike Ross Africa Travel, you will not just speak to a sales person – you will speak to an expert who has also lived and worked in Africa. Our passion and knowledge is kept fresh with regular travel to Africa, so we are right up to date with an in-depth understanding of the areas and properties you will be experiencing. This helps us ensure you get the right advice, relevant to you: we will handcraft your journey and hone your itinerary until we reach perfection for you. No trip with us is ever the same.

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